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Product Name: ISO Certified Auto Clutch Release Bearing

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Product Name: Auto Clutch Release Bearing
Model NO.: TBC001
Application: VW,JETTA,SEAT, AUDI
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: TBC    
Size: Normal
Packaging: General Packing or up to your desire    

Product Description

Auto clutch release bearing is an important part of automobile, which is mounted between the clutch and transmission. Since the clutch pressure plate, the release lever and the crank are working synchronously, and the separation fork can only do the axial movement along the clutch output shaft, it is impossible to directly use the separation fork to poke the release lever. And this is why we need auto clutch release bearing, which can make the lever rotates while it axially moving along the clutch output shaft, so as to ensure smooth engagement and soft separation of the clutch, reducing wear and prolonging service life of the clutch and the transmission.

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